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Class Structure

Due to our growing entries and varied vehicles we have reviewed our class structure for the 2024 season and are please to announce our new class format structure​


  • Super-Mod

  • Stock-Mod

For vehicles with FULL TUBE CHASSIS

  • Class 1 - Unlimited

  • Class 2 - Pro


4x4 vehicles with OEM style ladder chassis - restricted modifications apply.

  • Factory body silhouette must be retained factory bonnet/hood - classic bobtail rear body shortening is permitted as long as it retains the factory rear wheel arch shape

  • Trayback tubular rear body constructions and full tubular wings are not permitted

  • Must retain factory inner wheel wells, outer wheel arch can be cut  for additional clearance but must still remain. Minor alterations are permitted for adding strength and access to suspension points.

  • 35” max tyre size.

  • OEM replacement lift springs and longer shocks are permitted max 14” travel.

  • Hydraulic bump stops are permitted, max diameter 2”, max travel 4”

  • IFS is not permitted if not fitted to your specific model from the factory. i.e Shogun or 4Runner

  • Hydro 'assist' is permitted  - Full hydraulic steering is not permitted

  • Axles are free to interchange between manufacturers - fabricated housings and knuckles are not permitted

  • Leaf springs can be upgraded to coil springs using parts from other vehicle manufacturers. i.e LR coils can be can used in a Suzuki

  • Engine, gearbox and t/case are free to upgrade and change 'within' your specific vehicle manufacturer. i.e, within Toyota, within LandRover, within Suzuki.


4x4 vehicles with OEM style ladder chassis 

  • Unlimited Modifications and upgrades permitted


4x4 vehicles with tubular chassis - Categorised by DN's points scheme. 


Class 1 & Class 2 vehicles are determined by the vehicle specs and the points that those specifications accumulate too - (see below for points structure)


  • Engine 4.8 and above - 2 points

  • Tyres over 37” - 1 point

  • Hydraulic steering - 3 points

  • Bypass shocks (including IBP) - 2 points


Class 2 - up to 4 points

Class 1 - 5 points and over​


Models may include Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick, Honda Talon, Yamaha YXZ

  • SXS vehicles must be 4x4

  • Modifications unlimited

In addition to our class structure and 'DIRT Technical Spec Sheet', all vehicles & personal protective equipment must comply with 'Nora Motorsport 4x4 Regulations'.

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