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'PAYDIRT' Team Choice Awards

It is our pleasure to announce the 2023 “PAYDIRT Team Choice Awards” Worth in excess of £20,000 of giveaways throughout the season + additional season finale prizes that be announced later in the season.

At Every round of the DIRT Nationals 2023 season we will be giving away thousands of pounds of off-road parts sponsored by


The 'PAYDIRT' giveaways are as follows...


ROUND 1 - ORA full race steering kit


ROUND 2 - 5 x KMC wheels

ROUND 3 - Axle Package

(2x Housings, Steering knuckles, inner/outer seals , end caps, filler caps)


ROUND 4 - Assassin chassis package

(Chassis, panels, brackets)

DIRT Nationals core values are to generate exciting competitive motorsport, and fuel progression in British Off-Road Racing - and one way we’d like to start doing that is to start giving back “to you” the teams that are dedicated and passionate about helping us build this sport.

We like to do things a little differently around here, so we are giving each & every team a level playing field and the chance to walk away with the “PAYDIRT Award” at all 4 rounds of the 2023 DIRT Nationals British Championship.

At each round competing teams will get “1” vote per team as to which one of their fellow competitors they believe deserves and would most benefit from receiving the ”PAYDIRT AWARD” for that round.

The top 3 candidates will then be voted for by the DIRT Nationals Organisation team based upon the following factors.

- Who’s race program would most benefit from winning the “PAYDIRT Award”

- Competitive spirit.

- Dedication to the sport.


Teams cannot vote for themselves and can only win the award 1 time during the season.


Thank you everyone for you passion and support, we look forward to seeing you on the track this season.

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